Sharon Ames, Esq.

Certified EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

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Schedule a free consultation with Sharon to answer your questions and see if you are “a good match.” What does that mean? Tapping gets personal so you should find a practitioner that you are comfortable with and trust! We will talk about your goals and how EFT can help you meet those goals, setting up an individual package of sessions according to the nature and scope of what you want to achieve. Sharon will answer any questions you have about EFT, her practice and her fees.

Discovery Session

If you decide to work with Sharon as your EFT practitioner, schedule your Discovery Session with payment and you’re all set. In the Discovery Session you will be asked questions about your background and other information needed to determine how to move forward. We will develop a roadmap for you to follow to achieve the outcome you desire. We will not be tapping in this session, which lasts approximately 45 minutes.

After the Discovery Session

You will schedule your subsequent EFT tapping sessions according to your schedule and convenience. Each EFT session is for 75 minutes.

Why can’t I just book a single session?

Sharon does not offer a Single Session of EFT unless you have been a client and previously been through a series of sessions with her. Why? There are 2 reasons: First, it is rare that anyone resolves their issues in one session. Second, if you have one session and don’t get what you were looking for, then you will not likely be happy with your practitioner, but more important, your practitioner will not have been able to provide the help you need and want in that amount of time and she does not want to see anyone “shortchanged.” Sharon is dedicated to providing her clients with the relief and answers they are seeking and will not agree to any shortcuts. She has always practiced law that way and her EFT practice is no different.


While Sharon Ames can’t guarantee any specific results and the following testimonial does not constitute a warranty or predication regarding the outcome of an individual using her services for any particular issue or problem, her clients report having positive experiences. Here is what one client had to say:

Working with Sharon using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) has been crucial in my personal trauma healing journey. Sharon has an ability to create a safe container allowing trust to come naturally, opening the door for healing using her intuitive custom affirmations. I believe meridian tapping in a series of sessions over time allows for resolution of deeper issues. I have benefited greatly from my EFT sessions with Sharon and I encourage others to contact her. I love seeing her in person, still doing remote sessions is very helpful when my professional life does not allow and certainly during these coronavirus times.


Single Session

Available for established clients only

One EFT/Matrix Reimprinting Session, 75 minutes

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