Sharon Ames, Esq.

Certified Advanced EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

Reset your emotional wellbeing.
Restore calm and relaxation.
Reclaim your professional and private life.

Reset your emotional wellbeing.
Restore calm and relaxation.
Reclaim your professional and private life.

Is this you?

I don’t look forward to going to work anymore.

I have no time for myself or my family.

I’m too exhausted to exercise or eat right.

I probably drink too much.

I have trouble sleeping.

I just don’t know if I can do this any more or if I even want to.

I need help but I am too afraid to tell anybody.

What is EFT?

Often called “emotional acupuncture”, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or “tapping”, focuses on a problem or issue while tapping on acupuncture points located on the head, face and upper body. Read about EFT here and watch Sharon demonstrate a round of tapping.

Tapping can be used to reduce stress in all of the ways and forms that stress shows up in our lives. EFT can and should be a part of everyone’s mental health/mindfulness toolkit.

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“…nothing takes you from 60 to zero as quickly as a drink or a pill.” Lisa F. Smith, attorney and author of “Girl Walks Out of a Bar” With the spread of the ever-mutating Covid virus, the practice of law as we know it has been turned on its head. The economic and...

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My name is Vimala. Recently I had some EFT sessions with Sharon Ames to work on my chronic health issues including extensive pain. 

Right from the first contact, Sharon made me feel comfortable. In every session I felt safe to open up and share my thoughts and feelings. When I went off course, Sharon gently brought me back to focus on what was coming up at that time without wallowing in it. Amidst tears and laughter, we worked on some of my core negative beliefs, their origins and replacing them with empowering beliefs. Though it was hard at times, with Sharon’s gentle assurance, I passed through the difficult emotions. One such emotion went from an intensity of 9 out of 10 to 2 out of 10!

Besides Basic EFT, Sharon used Matrix Reimprinting with me and I felt confident and empowered at the end of it. She also gave me tips on how to continue the tapping at home. 

Thank you, Sharon. All blessings to you.

VM, Indonesia

I began working with Sharon during one of the more difficult moments in my life, where everything was overwhelming, and I felt that the entire world was crashing on my shoulders. She helped me to regain a feeling of peace and to let go of the anxiety that was crushing me. I have now started to overcome some of the fears that hold me back that create mental obstacles for myself, allowing me to release anxiety and tackle projects that have previously felt immeasurably daunting.

One of the best aspects of working with Sharon is her caring and kind spirit. Working on troubling past events in your life is always complicated and has the potential to open deep wounds as you make progress towards resolving them. The gentleness of Sharon’s approach allowed me to feel comfortable with her from the beginning.


I would recommend working with Sharon because we were able to get to the heart of what was blocking me and then clear it out immediately. I felt such relief at the end of the session. I had tried a lot of other ways of working with my issue, but EFT was really able to free me up and I like that it is so simple to do while producing really powerful results.

After ou​r work together I was able to go on and take action around an issue that had stymied me for months. And now it is resolved, I can move on to more important things.

Sharon is really down to earth in her approach, clear, professional, serious but also her warmth and caring is evident.

KJ, Boston, MA

Working with Sharon using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) has been crucial in my personal trauma healing journey. Sharon has an ability to create a safe container allowing trust to come naturally, opening the door for healing using her intuitive custom affirmations. I believe meridian tapping in a series of sessions over time allows for resolution of deeper issues. I have benefited greatly from my EFT sessions with Sharon and I encourage others to contact her. I love seeing her in person, still doing remote sessions is very helpful when my professional life does not allow and certainly during these coronavirus times.


Sharon always made me feel safe and secure and able to open up. She was thorough and respectful in her questioning. The greatest benefit for me was pinpointing the underlying cause of my pain. I would definitely recommend working with Sharon.


“Sharon is a skilled EFT Practitioner, helped me identify root causes to stress and release limiting belief systems.  She is professional, warm, encouraging and easy to work with.    I am definitely handling  stress and work much better, and life is easier.” — LV, NJ